Our brands

In different ways, in different markets, all the brands of the group have the same goal: to bring love into the kitchen and all the tables of the world with innovative and quality products. Each brand contributes to the achievement of our corporate objectives through projects aimed at improving the quality of our products, committing to strengthen the sustainability of our supply chains while paying great attention to the health of people and the environment.

The history of Moneta began 140 years ago in 1875 and, ever since, it has been part of the everyday lives of generations of families and becoming a symbol of Italian excellence in the kitchen. Moneta is, proudly, among the brands that represent the “Made in Italy” in the world, thanks to its focus on design and the ability to invest in high quality, technology and, above all, innovation. Moneta’s priority is to bring joy into the kitchen with authenticity while taking care of people and the environment. In recent years, the brand’s main goal has been to research and develop eco-friendly solutions and better performing materials. From these values, two sustainable lines are born: Eden and Recy made with 100% recycled aluminum.

Berndes has always expressed passion, tradition and high quality. This is why it creates products that make every moment perfect; from preparation to cooking, right up to the moment of eating.

Founded in Germany in 1921, Berndes launched the world’s first non-stick die-cast aluminum pan: the “Bonanza” line, ushering in a new era in cookware. What has always distinguished Berndes is the ability to combine resistant materials with elegant design without ever neglecting the importance and attention to detail.

In recent years, Berndes is making a commitment to reduce the impact on the environment by launching 100% sustainable lines such as b.green, made of 100% recycled aluminum from cans with a completely natural non-stick coating (free of PTFE, PFOA, Nickel and BPA).

We relaunched the Alluflon brand with a restyling operation and a revamp of its cookware offer. The new product selection was immediately successful in the large-scale retail sector where the brand has always concentrated its efforts.

In its design, shapes and materials, Alluflon reveals its inclination for a practical style of cooking with pots and pans that are perfect for everyday use.

Alluflon’s wide range of products consists of a selection of “no season” products accompanied by custom-made ones that vary according to needs.