Materials and

100% recycled aluminum

The careful choice of raw materials is a valuable resource for us in the fight against waste and pollution and in offering products that are good for consumers and the environment. Many of our product lines are made using only recycled aluminum coming from cans suitable to come into contact with food.

100% recycled aluminum is hygienically safe, durable, and infinitely usable due to its property as a permanent material that does not wear out or lose any of its key features. Obtaining aluminum from raw materials is an energy-intensive activity while using recycled aluminum reduces the environmental impact associated with bauxite mining and processing

Sustainable handles

Our commitment to caring for the environment focuses on all the production processes and components of our products in order to bring to market a product that is as sustainable as possible and the result of a virtuous cycle of circular economy.

As of 2021, the majority of our handles are made with sustainable bakelite and designed with TWIN BLOCK® double fasteners for ergonomic, safe, strong and durable products to reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable packaging

The impact that plastic has on the environment and consequently on human health is devastating: plastic materials have pervaded the ecosystem contaminating the seas and the air we breathe.

We are responding to this emergency by reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging and by using 100% recycled cardboard that is FSC® certified, the brand that identifies products made of paper materials from recycled materials or from FSC® certified forests.
Cardboard packaging is the most sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging available.

100% ecosustainable Italian supply chain

Our production is based on a 100% Italian, short and integrated supply chain, equipped with the best techniques to optimise resources, minimise environmental impacts, maximise recovery activities and valorise waste to guarantee safe and efficient products with high quality standards.

For years we have been committed to building an increasingly sustainable production model by carrying out periodic checks of the entire supply chain, from the search for raw materials with a low environmental impact to energy-saving production and plastic-free packaging.

Checking all stages, in addition to improving production efficiency, has allowed us to measure the product’s impact on the environment, obtaining tangible results in terms of environmental sustainability.