Social responsibility

We have a firm commitment to preserving the environment and we are deeply committed to the well-being of our employees while increasing product quality, which is why we implemented an Integrated Management System.

Acting today to be prepared for the future

We are increasingly producing in a sustainable way in order to reduce our footprint on the planet.

We are committed to leaving an ecological mark on the environment by innovating the world of cookware and developing new coatings, with careful selection of materials and their processing.

Our commitment to the environment


Italian, integrated, sustainable supply chain


Environmental Certification

Pan body

100% recycled aluminium

Innovative and patented coatings



Sustainable bakelite


Double fixing, security and durability

External coating


Induction bottom

Reduction energy consumption


Plastic free, 100% recycled paper

Sustainable, integrated, Italian supply chain

Our production is based on a 100% Italian, short and integrated supply chain, equipped with the best techniques to optimise resources, minimise environmental impacts, maximise recovery activities and valorise waste to guarantee safe and efficient products with high quality standards. For years we have been committed to building an increasingly sustainable production model by carrying out periodic checks of the entire supply chain, from the search for raw materials with a low environmental impact to energy-saving production and plastic-free packaging. Checking all stages, in addition to improving production efficiency, has allowed us to measure the product’s impact on the environment, obtaining tangible results in terms of environmental sustainability.

Our certifications

ISO 14001 guarantees the adoption of a voluntary system for the continuous improvement of processes to ensure environmental compliance without affecting quality and customer satisfaction.

SA 8000 ensures respect for human and workers’ rights, protection against child exploitation and guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.

Certification ISO 14001: 2015


Certification SA 8000: 2014

Social Responsibility

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