research and development

Natural coatings

The development of new coatings, guaranteeing food safety and today’s demands for less environmental impact, has led us to present a new generation of non-stick coatings made of materials that allow the development of better performing, durable and recyclable products to save time and energy.

The coatings are produced sustainably through the use of selected raw materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment and the use of low temperatures with less CO2 emissions.

Finegres natural coatings
Moneta’s innovative natural coating made from inorganic materials and water-based solvents to reduce the energy consumption of the production cycle and respond to a market that prefers healthy food.

Artech Stone Ultra
Moneta’s latest non-stick triple-layer coating. It is a stone-effect coating with a rough surface that is ideal for fast, uniform and fat-free cooking. In addition, it is extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Protection Base
A compact, smooth and uniform shield that seals the performance of the pan, increasing non-stick performance and ensuring a twice as long service life.

Natural, scratch-resistant non-stick coating launched by Berndes, free of PTFE, PFOA, Nickel and heavy metals.

High-class induction

We develop tools through our research laboratories that guarantee high performance and efficiency. Induction bottoms are born from proprietary and patented technologies designed to bring the best performance in terms of bottom flatness and heating speed: you cook in less time while consuming less energy.


Energy saved


Reducing heating time with a dry pan


Reducing heating time with an oil pan


Reducing energy consumption

Induction A
Manufactured using ‘Impact Bonding‘ technology, the patented hot pressing process ensures a perfect bonding of the induction bottom to the aluminium body. The special shape of the bottom improves the bottom’s flatness during use, ensuring uniform heating with excellent efficiency.

Net Induction
The special woven steel mesh takes full advantage of the inductive magnetic fields of the induction hob, transferring them in terms of the heat generated at the bottom of the workpiece.

Ferromagnetic steel bottom designed for maximum energy efficiency, robustness and extreme manoeuvrability.